W 4 – Substance Use Prevention

W 4 – Substance Use Prevention

W 4 – Substance Use Prevention

Create a discussion regarding the prevention of substance use among youth. Include the following:

• Analyze risk and protective factors that influence this behavior.

• Develop a plan that incorporates various cessation and prevention strategies.

1. Find your own research on programs that are geared toward youth.

2. Discuss efficacy rates and factors that may improve them.

• Assess the ethical and legal factors associated with working with youth who have substance-use issues. Utilize your own state laws in your discussion (for example, disclosure to parent or guardian).

• Provide validation and support for assertions by including relevant examples and supporting evidence.


Levy’s 2014 article, “Adolescent Substance Use,” from Pediatric Annals, volume 43, issue 10, pages 406–407.

Osilla, Pedersen, Ewing, Miles, Ramchand, & D’Amico’s 2014 article, “The Effects of Purchasing Alcohol and Marijuana Among Adolescents At-Risk for Future Substance Use,” from Substance Abuse Treatment, Prevention and Policy, volume 9, page 38.

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