Greenpeace Australia Pacific



“You need to research the organisation and find out what their position is on global warming and climate change, what advocacy positions they have, where the organisation’s values are located on the values continuum we have been using throughout all the lectures, what interest does this organisation represent, and how they make use of relevant science? Do you support their views, on what basis? Critically assess the relationship between their values and their interests… do they serve a particular constituency which means their views are biased or constructed in a specific way, do they present ideas relating to climate change in a particular light because there are vested interests that compel them to do so?
NOTE: You should use a range of sources on your organisation including: their own website(s); reference literature via Google Scholar or the library; offline organisational publications; other web-based information; speeches by members of the organisation; media reports; submissions to public enquiries (where available). In your report be sure to cover all parts of the topic.

These topics need to be used to provide the conceptual underpinnings of your report: social construction, policy concepts, deep ecology, conventional materialism, interdependency, sustainability, limits to growth, risk society. Your task to connect them with your organisation’s outlook, values, pronouncements etc. To complete your assignment better, going to a conceptual level that is deeper and richer than just skimming bits of information floating online.

Make sure you use good sources from the chosen organisation: information on their website, their own reference literature, organisational publications, media reports in which they feature prominently, submissions they have made to public enquiries etc. Make sure you have covered the organisation in good enough detail so you are certain of their values, interests, position on climate change.”

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