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Sections of the Research Paper – These sections will serve as the framework for your final paper.
1. Overview ? In this section you will write a summary of your paper which states the topic being analyzed, any key background information, and why this topic is important to you. The reader should be able to understand what most of your paper is about from reading this section. This section is similar to an abstract for an academic journal article. Do not use citations in this section of the paper.

2. Background ? This section should provide key background information which helps the reader understand fully the topic that you are addressing. Your background information should discuss any research or events which make the issue important to study. In this section, you should also discuss how the rest of your paper will analyze the policy problem (for example – Section one of this paper will. . . Section two will . . . , etc.).

3. Learnings ? This section should provide and discuss all the learnings that you have uncovered regarding your topic. You should discuss the impact that these learnings can have on creating and maintaining a high performing work team in your organization.

4. Summary and Implementation ? In this section, you should summarize the learnings and discuss exactly how you are going to implement the learnings in your teams

The parameters for the final paper are as follows:
Length ? 5-10 pages double spaced

Font – Times New Roman, 12 point
Citations – You should use the APA format for your citations. Use parenthetical citations and place all references at the end of your paper (endnotes) instead of placing them in the text as footnotes. Again, your citations should be endnotes, NOT footnotes.
Margins – 1 inch on all sides – top, bottom, right, and left
DON’T LOSE POINTS ON PAPER PARAMETERS – Every year students lose unnecessary points on paper parameters.

Grading Guide for Draft Paper
Total Points – 100
1. Format ? Paper satisfies the format requirements ? 30
a. Margins ? 1 inch ? all sides
b. Font ? 12 point, Times New Roman
c. Page length ? 5 ? 10 pages double spaced
d. Endnotes – must have endnotes in your draft, but they do not need to be formatted properly
e. Paper contains all the sections provided in the detailed outline
f. Headings and subheadings appropriately used throughout paper ? use outline format for headings ? bold major headings

2. Grammar/Spelling ? Papers should be written in third person and follow standard grammar rules. – 20

3. Appropriateness (Background section) ? The paper should address a clearly defined issue. Academic literature and other sources should illustrate why this issue is important, who/what it impacts, how addressing it will lead to benefits for the team and organization, and any other key factors which help the reader to understand the scope of the issue. – 25

4. Logical Arguments ? Your papers should provide clear, logical arguments supported by evidence (academic literature and other sources). – 25

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