Video discussion

This week, please watch A Class Divided, a video experiment conducted a few decades ago. In just a few minutes, Jane Eliot divided her class into two groups: the “ins” and the “outs.” The “in” group – without collars – feel special, happy and superior. The “out” group of children feel humiliated, angry, powerless and marginalized. After viewing the video, respond to at least 4 of the following questions. Draw on the readings to inform your answers.

1) What did you learn?

2) What scene or scenes do you think you will still remember a month from now. Please explain why you named any of these particularly memorable scenes.

3) How did Jane Eliot manage to divide the children into “ins” and “outs” so quickly? What techniques did she use?

4) Do you think that people of a different race, ethnicity, religion, socioeconomic status or other dimensions of diversity could feel like “in” group members? Please give an example.

5) What does this experiment tell us about leadership? What would it take for a leader to make all these children feel valued and included after such an experiment?
6) Would this experiment work with adults?



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