valid research designs

Part 1 (1 page, 2 references)

1. Discuss setting up valid research designs.
2. 2. Discuss how team building interventions help an organization. Describe activities that are relevant to individuals, the group and organization relationships.

Part 2 (1 page, 2 references)

1. Compare and contrast the Quality Circle and High Involvement applications of employee involvement
2. Discuss the sociotechnical systems theory and contrast it with the open systems theories or organization.

Part 3 (1 page, 2 references)

1. Discuss key steps in the construction process for strategic direction. What might be important strategies during these steps?
2. 2. How would an OD practitioner attempt to change an organization’s culture associated with a M&A implementation?

Part 4 (1 page, 2 references)

1. Explain how you might proceed as an OD practitioner if top management approached you with an interest in becoming a sustainable management organization (SM0)

2. Select an nonindustrial setting reviewed in your text and identify how might OD best support the key sector you chose. Describe key opportunities presented by that sector and challenges that you might face attempting to intervene as an OD practitioner.



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