Understanding Customers

Understanding Customers

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To prepare for this Shared Activity: 1. Review the unit Readings. Consider the triggers for international expansion posed by Jobber and Ellis-Chadwick (2013) for your Shared Activity. Also review how Court et al. (2009), and Guo (2013) describe reasons behind buyer decision making. 2. Focus on how consumer behaviour influences buying decisions. 3. Imagine that you are planning a week’s vacation or holiday. Think of all of the choices you have in planning and what influences your decision making (e.g. culture, social class, reference groups). Do you tend to choose destinations similar to or different from your own culture? 4. Choose a destination in a different country with a culture or cultures different from your own. Review tourism sites from the destination country. To complete this Shared Activity: 1. Briefly describe the destination you chose. Include the tourism Web site in your post. 2. What triggers do you think influenced this destination to market itself internationally? Is the destination successful in its marketing efforts? 3. Describe your buying process. In this case, ‘buying’ refers to destination choice, ticket purchase, accommodations and so forth. In your description, include factors that influenced your consumer behaviours. 4. Describe the differences between cultures in your home country and the destination country. Critically discuss the influence that culture has on the buying process. Provide examples from your experiences or reading. 5. Evaluate the destination’s marketing strategies to you as someone from a diverse culture. Was the destination successful in its efforts? Why or why not?

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