Under Armour

You will be developing strategic options for “Under Armour” Case 20. You will use the strategic audit using your text (Figure 12-1, page

342, and Appendices 12.B and C, pages 347-357) to assist in the preparation of the power point presentation and executive summary. You

will submit a Power Point presentation that addresses each of the following:

Their Current Situation (1 power point slide)
Strategic Managers (1 power point slide)
External Environment (1-2 power point slides)
Internal Environment (2-3 power point slides – including their resources, capabilities and competencies)
Analysis of Strategic Factors (1 power point slide)
Strategic Alternatives and Recommended Strategy (2-3 power point slides)
Implementation (2-3 power point slides)
Evaluation and Control (1-2 power point slides)


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