Business Law I

(Please know that the majority of credit will be given to (1) recognizing the issue, (2)
correctly stipulating the rule, and (3) organizing your analysis.)

1) A man invited several friends to come over to his house to watch a movie on television. While
they were watching the movie, freezing rain fell outside, coating everything with a thin layer of
very slippery ice. When the movie ended, one of the man’s guests slipped on the ice as soon as
he took a step out of the door and onto the front stoop of the man’s house. The guest sues the
man for his injury. What is the likely outcome?

2) A 12-year-old boy went to the beach by himself. To his overwhelming excitement, he went to
the water with no warming-up exercise, and it left him with cardiac arrest right in the water. A
man walking by the boy noticed that the boy was drowning. As much as the man wished to help
out him out of the water, which he knew that he could have saved the boy’s life, he decided not
to do so because he did not want to be late for his work. Later that day, the boy died, and his
parents sue the man for wrongful death. What is the likely outcome?

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