Transportation Information System of/compare with transports in Nantong(just an example) and Charlottetown(a city in Prince Edward Island), and going to establish a new transport system in Charlottetown.

Transportation Information System of/compare with transports in Nantong(just an example) and Charlottetown(a city in Prince Edward Island), and going to establish a new transport system in Charlottetown.
To: Government of Prince Edward Island, T3 Transit Company and Citizen Prince
Edward Island
From:Chenyao Wu, Jianeng Pang and Yangmengch Ding
Subject: Transportation Information System of Charlottetown
New Charlottetown Transportation System provides a better public vehicle tool and
convenience to go out for citizens. Through the contrast between Nantong and
Charlottetown, we find that Nantong Transportation System is more perfect than
Charlottetown, because the population in Nantong is bigger than in Charlottetown.
Which means there are more people in Nantong will take bus. Based on that the
population in Charlottetown is increasing year by year, we create a New
Charlottetown Transportation System. We improve the information system, which can
let people know the bus condition anytime, instead of checking online. Also setting up
the kiosks for the elderly who may be tired for waiting for bus and prevent bad
weThis proposal is talking about the public transportation of Charlottetown, the
provincial capital of PEI, Canada. The permanent population of Charlottetown is
30,000. It is a large number of a city, and the status quo of Charlottetown is not
ather. Building the own path for bus which increases the efficiency of bus. Based on
that the purpose of transportation is to service citizens, so we push out “Transit
Priority” Strategy to give priority to develop public transport.
Public transportation is a very important part in our life when we live in
Charlottetown. Not only for the citizen, but also for the government and T3 bus
company. So, Yangmengchi Ding, Jianeng Pang and Chenyao Wu write this proposal
to analysis the public transportation of Charlottetown.
In this article, you can understand the current situation and problems of public
transportation of Charlottetown. He permanent population of Charlottetown is 30,000.
It is a large number of a city, and the status quo of Charlottetown is not perfect. After
that, you will find some methods to improve the public transport of Charlottetown by
comparing with the public transportation of Nantong, a coastal city of Jiangsu
province in China. But it still needs a lot of manpower, material resources and
financial resources to improve it.
In the following sections, we provide additional details about the proposed tasks,
schedule, and budget, as well as our credentials and references. All of this information
will help the government and the T3 bus company to perfecting the public
transportation. And only in these ways, the citizens can enjoy a comfortable,
convenient and rapid lifestyle.

The existing public transportation system in Charlottetown.
In Charlottetown, there is only one company that named T3 Transit. T3 Transit
Company found in 2005. According to Wikipedia, T3 Transit Company found in 2005
at Charlottetown transit, the 150th anniversary year of the city’s incorporation. It is
funded by the municipal and federal levels of government and provides service
throughout the city’s neighborhoods. The province of Prince Edward Island does not
provide transit subsidies toward the service. The last attempt at public transit was in
the form of Charlottetown Urban Transit Systems Limited from late 1979 to 1981. It
has a green symbol and the green bus, which are operating. And in Charlottetown, T3
Transit Company has 7 bus lines, and the ticket is $2.25 (T3 Transit Company, 2015).
The T3 Transit system is face to all Charlottetown population that is 34562 and in the
Charlottetown area that is 44.29km^2.

With the development of Nantong, at the end of the 2012, there are 1.848 million of
vehicles, the increase number of vehicles is 104,000. The number of personal car
ownership is 571,000, an increase of 117,000 vehicles. The passenger car number is
617,000, an increase of 118000 vehicles. Over the previous year, car class retail sales
growth of 23.1%. (Nantong website) Population of Nantong is 227,3326. (Travel
china guide, 2015) The urban area of Nantong is 1515km2. In 2013, the GDP Per
Capita (RMB) is 69050. (China knowledge)
Now, there are over 91 bus routes and 910 buses in Nantong city, and it covers nearly
the whole area of Nantong city. (China tours online) The common bus ticket costs
only CNY 1 and there is no conductor on the bus. If the buses with air-conditioner,
they may be costing CNY 2. The guests can pay by cash or buy and charge bus ID
cards. There are many discount if you buy and charge the bus ID card. If you are a
student, you can enjoy half price. If a senior citizen who is older than 65 or who is
disabled, he or she can take the bus for free. If you just a common citizen, you can
have 30% percent off. The price of the bus ID card is just CNY15, and you can use it
all the times.
Nantong has an extensive public transportation system which runs from
approximately 6:30 AM to 8:00 PM daily. (Nantong map) It also has buses at night
(after 11:00pm), they provide overnight operation. We have bus lanes in all routines,
and we set laws to make sure no car can occupy them during the peak traffic hour.
(6:30am-9:30am, 4:30pm-7:30pm)
Nantong has announcements about pending bus stops at each bus stop. Most bus
stops have electronic screens, the screens can tell you how many times and stops you
need to wait until the next bus coming.
Now, 60 units of white-colored sister city buses are lined up on the production line of
sister plant, prepared to be delivered to Nantong Public Transport Co., Ltd. The batch
of buses includes JS6106, JS6811 and JS6116 which are to be rolled out in the end of
July, 2015. (China Bus) All these buses are big and well equipped, you will feel very
comfortable when you sit on these
buses. When all these buses come into use,
all citizens can enjoy a more convenient
There are two bus operating companies
in Nantong. One is a Nantong bus
corporation, with Nantong bus
company and Nantong bus rapid
transit. Another is a Nantong Feihe bus
company, its affiliated with the Nantong trucks group. (Nantong public transport)
These two companies work together and cooperate with each other, so Nantong can
have a good transportation website.
But in my opinion, these two bus companies also have some problem on existing
lines and the running time. When we usually take the bus, the bus company provided
buses, there is always the station unpunctuality. This leads the passenger who needs to
transfer on time to get the other vehicles some worries. The buses are common, but
sometimes we need to wait about 15min for the next bus coming. Because their sites
are always set in less traffic integration of urban and rural areas. There are less sites in
urban areas. Two people in Nantong city within the scope of activities not much
practiced. On these points, companies must stand on the general public and economic
development to improve themselves.
New public transportation system in Charlottetown.
1. Set up information platform and open to the public
Information platform is very important and people know about the bus schedules and
how they have been changed. Now, we only can know the schedules from the website
and station. But it is not enough. The information should be showing on the screen in
every station and on every bus. Also, every station should have
arrived time of next bus. Then, on the bus, arrived time of next
station will be showing on the screen too. When, the system is made
up, the customers will feel more and more convenience
2. Establish a standing kiosks and display platform for infrastructure
In Charlottetown, there are a lot of stations, which only have a plat
at the bus stations but that may not be enough. Due to the weather,
passengers won’t to wait for 15-30mins (T3 Transit Company,
2015). So the stations need to update the facilities. Making them
becomes a standing kiosks and display platform for infrastructure.
Therefore, passages will like to wait for the buses inside.
3. Change or update the bus and devices on the bus
The company needs to buy new buses or update the buses. In the bus, the screens and
air-conditions have been needed. Due to building an information system of
transportation and Canadian weather such as winter.
4. Establish bus dedicated channel, speeds up the operational efficiency of the public
transport system
In Charlottetown, around 8:30, 1:30 and 5:30, the
road will be abnormal congestion, so suggest
opening a bus lane and ensure it’s smooth. This
ensures that the bus operation efficiency. Saves time
and gives more profits.
Comparing with the transportation system existing in Nantong, Charlottetown’s need
to be improved more. We should put people in the first. Although the rate of car
ownership is high in Charlottetown, bus is still an important vehicle. People should
know the information about bus condition quickly and conveniently. Also an
comfortable environment should be offered to people for waiting for the bus. So New
Charlottetown Transportation System should develop based on following criteria:
1.Improving information system
2.Perfecting bus station environment
3.Updating vehicle
4.Increasing operation efficiency
Developing direction of New Charlottetown Transportation System
“Transit Priority” Strategy
1.Ease traffic congestion. In Charlottetown, around 8.30, 1.30, and 5.30, University
Avenue is really congested. It takes people around 20 more minutes to arrive home.
“Transit Priority” is good for easing traffic congestion. The more people take bus, the
less cars will be drove on the road.
2.Protect environment. As often being mentioned, the whole world’s weather is
getting warmer and warmer. Exhaust emission is to blame. The sea level is raising
day by day, and glacier keeps melting, which are really dangerous for our world in
the future. Also the number of private cars is increasing year by year, which may
because faultiness of Transportation System. If we have a good system, I think more
people will choose bus instead of private cars.
3.Increase job opportunity. Adding buses, adding bus routes all can offer more jobs to
people. Low rate of employment is a big problem that economics in Charlottetown
grow slowly.
This proposal is for the government, T3 Transit Company and the citizens who live in
Charlottetown. In the proposal, two transportation information systems in different
place are compared. And there is a new system has been made with the criteria and
the future direction, which means the future of transportation information of
Charlottetown. Also, the budget has been showed in the dollar. From the proposal, the
Transportation Information System will bring more profits to T3 Transit Company,
more welfare for citizens and more success for government of Charlottetown.
Items Cost ($)
Screen 20,000
Bus Update 30,000
Other Equipment 20,000
Labour Cost 1,800
In Total 71,800
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