Impact of Terrorism on National Security Memorandum

Impact of Terrorism on National Security Memorandum
Impact of Terrorism on National Security

•For this assignment, you will write a memo to the following individual: the Secretary of Defense.
•Your memo assumes that the government official in charge of the department you are assigned to has called your office and asked you to write a short memorandum that answers the following questions:
“From the point of view of my department, how will terrorism affect the national security of the United States in the next decade, and how, specifically, should my department act to protect the United States, our citizens and our interests?”
•Your memo should include the following sections:
1.A well-reasoned introduction clearly stating your answer to the questions posed
2.Supporting arguments, combining your own opinion with the properly cited ideas of others
3.Policy recommendations specific to the department in question

•When writing your memo, please carefully consider how your audience deals with terrorism (the State Department has very different interests than does the Department of Justice, for example). Include international interests of the United States where appropriate.

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