Training Assessment Of APPLE Corporation

Training Assessment Of APPLE Corporation

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Essay: Write a 2-3 page essay providing an analysis of how a current or a past organization emulates a learning organization. In addition, provide recommendations on how you as a Human Resource Manager can improve the organization’s learning environment. Make sure your essay has a distinct ‘Introduction,” “Body” and “Conclusion.”

Reference: Employee Training and Development (4th Ed),

Evaluation Criteria:

Introduction and thesis: Is appropriate for the assignment.

Knowledge of subject well displayed: concepts defined.

Critical thinking: concepts, principles, processes that lead to organization effectiveness analyzed, explained and used.

Grammar and writing conventions: minimal spelling and grammatical errors.

Organization: Well organized paper flows well thoughts are logically placed in the paper.

APA formatting: Appropriate citations when warranted reference page meets standard.
This needs to be 100% free from any plagiarism for it will be submitted to for review. To access the book Employment Training and Development you must go to google to and enter login which is [email protected] and password Hayley15, then you will have access to the book which needs to be used and referenced in the paper thank you.

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