To deconstruct crime and justice in Richmond, CA


Paper details:
1) Conduct reliable web-based research and apply concepts from Demystifying Crime & Criminal Justice by Robert M. Bohm & Jeffery T. Walker, to craft a essay analyzing issues specific to the construction of crime and justice in the City of Richmond, CA 2) Address relevant historical, social, political, economic, philosophical, or any other significant factor impacting criminal behavior, community and law enforcement relations, notions of justice, and the quality of life of those who call Point Richmond, the Iron Triangle, East Richmond and other neighborhoods throughout the community, home. 3) Dedicate at least one paragraph to discuss how the study of crime in Richmond, CA increases understanding of Justice in the United States. 4) Provide concise introductory and concluding paragraphs, a clear situation analysis, bolded heading to distinguish your thoughts, and reference no less than five reliable sources from which to provide verifiable facts to support your assertions regarding the construction of crime and justice in Richmond 5) All facts and sources of information used to support your assertions must be cited 6) must be no less than seven and no more than ten pages in length, double spaced, typed in 12- point font, in APA format

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