The topic will be put in the paper requirement. I can’t put it in here because the question is too long.

The topic will be put in the paper requirement. I can’t put it in here because the question is too long.

Assessment Criteria:
A satisfactory completion of assignment requires:
• Demonstrate understanding of the readings, the critical references and the theoretical concepts;
• Demonstrate the ability to apply sociological and criminology theory to questions around criminal justice systems and their application within the Australian society;
• Demonstrate the ability to analyse concepts and situations beyond description;
• Extend the application of the discipline of sociology to problems outside the classroom and into the community; and
• Demonstrate a written style and referencing following an academic standard and the Harvard referencing system.

Note: All assessment tasks are pieces of formal academic writing. They require formal documentation of all sources, academic and non-academic, and a reference list giving full details of your sources at the end of your response to these tasks.

Include 3 to 5 academic references, the unit textbook should always be the first source for research but you also need to include research and sources beyond the textbook.

Here is the Essay Question:

‘’ Youth criminality is explained by (1) Cohen, (2) Ohlin and Cloward, and (3) Sutherland, from different perspectives. Identify and analyse one example of youth related crime for each of the three perspectives. How do the separate theories and theorists explain why young people participate in certain types of crime and what solutions does each theory propose? Then outline the beneficial and constructive aspects of the criminological perspective you prefer. Support your analysis with sociological literature.’’

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