humanity and literature writing

humanity and literature writing

Order Description

View and study the film, Casablanca. (below is a link for you to watch the film).
Please also read the attached files I uploaded, They are helpful.

1: A draft of a panel presentation on the film, Casablanca. (1 full page)
[this has to be uploaded in 5 days (no later than Oct 19 10pm Pacific Time) because I need to fully understand the concept before I present it, and earlier submission will make us easier incase there will be a revision if needed.]
you will be expected to present as an “expert” on a pre-determined theme from that text (e.g. narrative voice; poetic moments; critical junctures; imagery, or various literary or visual devices.)

Some of my ideas are: you may talk about a specific scene or a specifi character, or you may talk about the music they used in the film, or the settings or the lights/shadows they used, but please focus on one theme only. 1 full page.

2: A structure paper [this could be uploaded after your panel submission, you may start working on it after the panel, but be sure to upload it earlier before the deadline of the order, because I have to review your ideas first to make sure you got the right thing. don’t worry you can just make it shortly like a outline of the paper.)
Instruction for the structure paper:
1, A meaningful title
2, A brief thesis paragraph (your thesis statement is important).
3, List the topic Sentence of Body Paragraphs (please list in each body paragraphs)
4, Conclusion
To ”Sum up”, and state a “SO WHAT” point or “PURPOSE”: To illustrate to the reader that you have thought critically and analytically about this issue.

3: A written paper between 950-1050 words. No more, no fewer (not counting title, citations, footnotes, etc.)
MLA citations.
(you can start this after you finish your structure paper, just take you time. Once the structure paper is reviewed, I can extend the deadline so that you can have more time to work on the full paper. )

Essay Prompt
Identify one very important theme of Casablanca (and what it means) .
Argue (prove) how one full scene is used to make the reader think about this meaning. Discuss several frames in the scene.
Conclude with how the reader is to identify on a personal level (think poetic moment, identifying with actors, identifying with politics, etc.)
NOTE: Less dependence on narrative (telling the story) and more on how visuals carry meaning earns a higher grade.
A meaningful title of the essay is required!!

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