The Strategic Causes of Conflict.

What caused the Falkland’s War?
•    Cover theboth sidesperspective (GB & Argentina) .
•    Concentrate on analysis instead of  telling the story .largely critical analysis to really engage with the question don’t focus on

descriptive .
•    There are  drivers   and  there are causes for  the war .
•    Using  the Waltz framework of the three images (society, International and individual) to analyse the factors which caused the

conflict, looking specifically at the decade before the invasion in 1982.  This will show how the societal elements shape the decision

making of the state and shape the state itself.  It will review the political, economic and social factors in Argentina and Britain which

collectively form the basis of Waltz ‘society’ lens.
The ‘international’ lens will look at the positioning of each nation within the International arena and the International context as a

whole..UN,NATO, EU, USA.laiten America
The ‘individual’ lens will review a number of notable individuals to the Conflict and assess how they, or the organisations which they

represent, contributed to the conflict
•    The importance of history centring on the legal basis for sovereignty of the Islands .before 150 anniversary
Internal factor
•    Political
o    Leadership survivle/regime survivle /party servivel
•    Economic
•    Civil unrest
•    Election timing
•    History /culture
•    Embassy siege
•    Reputation /influence /power
o    Over optimistic
o    Prestige
o    Understanding adversary intent or not
External factor
•    International reputation
•    Perception of action
o    Messaging /confusion
o    Defence Secretary UK John Nott
o    Removal of HMS endurance (ice breaker)

o    International institution messages (UK appeared not to be interested in keeping the faikland)
o    In time UK were prepared to undertake dialogue
o    Argintina-did not think UK would fight for the islands

1:  Introduction, that clearly states the main premise in the final sentence
2,3& 4:  Opposing Argument/s – Counter Argument/s – and YOUR Argument
a.    Here you are showing your awareness of the opposing argument, and that you can anticipate and/or criticize any opposing argument

before they are even stated.
a.    Terminology to use here:
i.    This argument assumes…
ii.    This argument claims…
iii.    It further asserts….
b.    HOWEVER… present YOUR evidence.
a.    Expert quotes, polls, data, charts, etc.
c.    Present your argument that is supported by your evidence.

5:  Short Conclusion:
Main premise (argument ) it will be the last statement in the introduction
Opposing argument ……..
However …present your evidence
Your argument , As supported by your evidence

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