The role of church and religion in Araby.

Why does Faulkner divide A Rose for Emily into sections? What is the importance of the minor characters, including the town? What is the theme?
Does Alice Walker favor one character over another in Everyday Use? What do the minor characters tell about the major characters? Why does Dee want the quilts now but not in the past when they were first offered?
How does the setting of Story of an Hour become a character in the story?
In Araby, what is the role of the Church and religion? Why does the boy feel so angry at the end of the story?
Compare the writing style of James Joyce to William Faulkner.
What are some of the aspects of Sammy’s personality in A & P that we like/dislike?
What is the significance of the title Two Kinds in the story by Amy Tan?
Why does Granny say she wants to speak to the man who jilted her?
How does Flannery O’Connor create a sense of foreboding in A Good Man is Hard to Find?

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