The report must be word processed and presented in the following format:

The report must be word processed and presented in the following format:
2,500 words (excluding references and appendices and graphs) Report forum!
1•    Title page (include your student numbers)
2•    Executive summary: this is a key part of your report. Make sure you include three action points for the Client to build upon (client is Chester zoo)
3•    Table of contents
4•    Introduction: spell out your terms of reference ( academic journals)
5•    Methodology: explain how you went about the research. Mention sample, sample size, pilot study, limitations etc.
6•    Desk Research Findings: remember tables are not included in word counts (secondary research)
7•    Primary Research Findings: remember tables, and other ways of visualizing the results, are not included in word counts.
8•    Conclusions and recommendations
9•    Appendices
10•    REFERENCES – make sure you include full details for all sources used. You must reference!

6.    Use line spacing at 1.5, a font size of 12, and ensure all pages are numbered and illustrations (eg tables, figures, graphs etc) clearly labelled.
7.    The audience all have extensive knowledge of market research theory and are therefore looking for the application of such rather than a description of theory.
8.    This coursework requires dual submission. You must hand in a hard copy to the Student Support Office (post into the black submission boxes outside the office). You must also submit a soft copy via Turnitin, which is a plagiarism and collusion detection system. If you do not submit to Turnitin your work will not be marked


*What is world class?  Theme park
In matters of
*How to benchmark
*Relate it to Chester zoo  they are the client of the research

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