The Realities and Implications behind Birth Rights

Table of Contents
I Introduction 2
II Background 2
A) Historical Context of U.S. Birthright Citizenship Rule 2
B) Relevant Law/Constitution 2
C) Citizenship Clause of the XIV Amendment 2
D) Jus Sanguinis and Jus Soli 2
E) Other Legislative Amendments/Cases/Statute affecting birth rights 2
III Argument for the benefit of supporting birth right citizenship 2
A) Reduction of Undocumented Immigrants 2
B) America is a country of immigrants – American exceptionalism 2
C) Undue burdens on undocumented immigrants – effect to health and well-being of undocumented immigrants by preventing them from seeking medical benefits – potential human rights violation. 2
IV Argument to repeal birth right citizenship 2
A) Misinterpretation of the XIV Amendment 2
B) Decrease in incentives for illegal immigrants – anchor babies 2
C) Deter unauthorized migration – birthright tourism 2
D) Resolve budgetary issues/deter public benefits 2
V Possible benefits of amending the Immigration and Naturalization Policies 2

Working Title

The Realities and Implications behind Birth Rights: Who should be an American citizen?

Topic: Shifting the Immigration Policies or Regulation to Meet the Needs of America.

Research Question: How can promoting an immigration reform policy regulates the identity of who are America’s future citizens?

Thesis Statement: As levels of immigration have risen, current immigration rules does not offer humane naturalization process for undocumented immigrants, therefore birth rights citizenship should be kept because it is an effective component of illegal immigration reduction strategies.


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