Business law and legal environment

Please address the following questions within your paper. Please keep in mind that this is NOT a Q&A paper, so please write it in an MLA paper format!

1. Write an introduction as to what the case issues are with Fed Ex and Uber. Write a brief overview as to what happened, why it happened, and why employees are suing their employers. Be sure and be specific, giving court names, state names, etc.

2. Within your paper, list some of the key differences between an independent contractor and an employee when it comes to their affiliation with a company. State the advantages and disadvantages of being an independent contractor vs. an employee.

3. In the case of Fed Ex, the corporation “lost a long-running legal dispute with nearly 500 drivers in Kansas over its former practice of classifying some of its U.S. delivery drivers as independent contractors.” In your paper, specify to what advantage it would be for Fed Ex to have done this in the first place? To what disadvantage was it for their workers? (Please elaborate and be specific.)

4. According to the article, Employees vs. Independent Contractors: U.S. Weighs In on Debate Over How to Classify Workers, “In April, the Labor Department announced that a nearly five-year investigation of business practices by 16 defendants in Utah and Arizona resulted in $700,000 in back wages, damages, penalties and other guarantees for more than 1,000 construction industry workers misclassified in the Southwest. The defendants made the construction workers become “member/owners” of limited liability companies, which deprived them of the benefits of employee status, the Department said.” In this case, the company found other ways to classify workers, other than “employees”. Should businesses simply classify ALL workers as employees when trying to avoid being sued? Why or why not? Are there legitimate reasons for using independent contractors? What industries are more likely to use them?

5. As a business owner, or future owner, conclude your paper by stating what you will do to ensure that the people working for you continue to be classified correctly. Make a list of those things that you will take into consideration in order to keep this from happening to your company.



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