The Madoff Affair.

1. For your essay,go back to the film,The Madoff Affair. You will need to view it several times in order to compose your essay.
2. Do not retell the film plot. We have all seen the film before many times. Answer the essay questions, do not describe the plot or critique the film.
3. You will submit your essay using the Final Examination link on the assignment page.
The essay requires that you answer the following questions:
The Madoff Affair represents the largest stock fraud in history. Please carefully view the film, The Madoff Affair, as provided to you in the online format. After viewing the film, review all the material presented in the text readings and class lectures presented in modules 4, 5, and 6 of this course. After completing these tasks, I would like you to answer the following three (3) questions each in essay format.
1. List and describe at least eight law enforcement (guardianship) agencies (both public and private) that had jurisdiction in the Madoff case that could have helped prevent this massive crime from being perpetrated. In your discussion, name each agency, discuss its purpose, and speculate as to why it failed to perform its role.
2. Discuss the type of victimization and its extent in this massive white collar crime and then speculate on the various roles of the victims in this famous case.
3. What are at least 6 available sanctions that could be applied to each of the parties in this white collar crime including individuals and the organization as a whole. Then choose the sanction (s) that you feel to be the most effective when considering the purposes of the sanction process. Explain your choice in detail.

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