The Inclusive Classroom

The Inclusive Classroom

B. How can I now put into practice what I
have learned?

This 2004 UNESCO report explores curriculum
differentiation for students with special needs.

Site has MI/Bloom grids on different topics. Note some
inaccuracy re Bloom levels & MI activities
Site has research paper on integrating MI and Bloom.

As an example of differentiating the curriculum, using MI/Bloom blank sheet
( A4 page) write a set of ten activities in a curriculum area/topic and
include the theme of difference and diversity.
– Identify the key syllabus outcomes/curriculum descriptors for the whole class.
– Write 10 different learning activities (for whole class) that teach the key concepts
and engage different intellectual domains and different levels of thinking
(MI/Bloom) ensuring each level of thinking on the Bloom Taxonomy is
– Make sure you write the activities in a way that others would understand what to
do if given the task.
– Use a different topic to RDE NSW website (in adjacent column).
Discuss two benefits of a differentiated unit of work for your case study student.
Support this with research (approx. half A4 page)

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