Nations and Nationalities

Nations and Nationalities

In a clear, concise, and cogent manner, respond to the following questions. Your essay should include an introduction and conclusion that clearly outlines your thesis of analytical argument. Your paper should be 1500 words long and has to be typed. Please provide a word count (excluding the bibliography) at the top of your paper. You should include consistent citations and a bibliography or all information reference in your essay.
Using examples from the texts and lectures address the following:
? What are the primary features of traditional honor-kinship communities?
o What are their strengths and weaknesses?
? Contrast these features with those of modern sovereign nation-states
? Analyze the transition from traditional honor societies to modern nation- states
? Your essay should include an example of a group or nation that has undergone this transition.

1) The Rule of the Clan by Mark S. Weiner
2) Political Culture and the Making of Modern Nation-States by Edward Weisband and Courtney I. P. Thomas

Progressive Era

using these sources:
•Wall-Randell, Sarah. “Doctor Faustus and the Printer’s Devil,” SEL Studies in English Literature 1500-1900, 2008, Vol.48(2), pp. 259-281.

•Excerpts from: “Revolutions in Romantic Literature: An Anthology of Print Culture, 1780-1832” edited by Paul Keen. 824.08 R454 (Section 2: The reading public; Hannah More—The pernicious effects of the art of printing upon society, exposed (1793).
•Analyze and write a reflection on the literary effects of social and technological changes during the Progressive Era.
1.Review the readings located in the Readings and Resources section.

2.Write a clearly written and compelling reflection on the week’s readings. In three to four paragraphs (400-500 words), address the topic below. Be specific, use evidence to support your claims, and make appropriate citations (and add links if you wish) to develop an argument or interpretation from your materials. Please review the grading rubrics for more specific information about the expectations for this assignment.

?Choose one item (poem, essay, song, movie trailer, etc.) from the “Progressive Era” areas of the Digital History site and describe how technological change(s) from the era are reflected in the piece.

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