the impact of the ongoing development of the curriculum on educational leaders in Saudi Arabia.

the impact of the ongoing development of the curriculum on educational leaders in Saudi Arabia.

Essay: Your primary task is to respond to the topic below by exploring the relevant literature and critically interpreting, analysing and commenting on the major issues and arguments raised in that literature. The essay should be 4500 words in length, including references.
Consider the impact of a national or state initiative in curriculum. What are the implications of this initiative for educational leaders? What are the consequences for you in your current or future contexts? Your discussion should be based on a thorough literature search on this topic.

Grading Criteria and Feedback
• A good introduction which clearly identifies the initiative that has been chosen, gives a brief description of its context and significance and outlines the argument that will be made in the essay;
• Main issues are clarified, context and significance are clear;
• Interpretations are critical and analytical;
• Overview and discussion of the main issues and related arguments are properly substantiated;
• Personal views and comments (if any) are balanced and substantiated;
• A concluding paragraph that briefly states the main points discussed in the essay;
• Overall content is well organised and coherent;
• A wide range of appropriate literature has been consulted;
• Sound academic writing including use of the required APA 6th referencing style

An essay with this grade should demonstrate:
• Wide reading, well beyond that provided in the references list;
• An ability to conceptualise and to link the theoretical concepts addressed with topic area;
• An original analysis of the topic and related material;
• A clear, logical and creative approach to exploration of the topic; and
• An exceptional command of expression, argument and structure.

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