Textual Analysis

Textual Analysis

Writing Task: For this assignment, you’ll select a television commercial or print advertisement and write an essay of at least 1250 words in which you analyze or “break down” the way that the text uses rhetorical strategies and appeals to create an argument. Your essay needs to contain a persuasive thesis claim that it develops and supports through use of evidence from the text that you’re analyzing. You decided which television commercial or print advertisement you will write
about, but it must have been made within the last year.
Instructions: The essay should be in proper MLA format including double-spaced lines, 12-point Times New Roman font, and 1-inch margins. All sources must be properly cited both in the text and on a Works Cited page following your essay. Please put your thesis statement in bold font. Remember, the audience for your rhetorical analysis paper is the instructor and your classmates.
Word count: 1250 words


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