The evolution and development of the event industry in the MENA region


Critically discuss the evolution and development of the event industry in the MENA region identifying size, range and scope of activities, market and role.

Paper Organization & Content (50%)
•Clearly defined purpose and scope of the paper (5%).
•Logical and interrelated flow of ideas building on a theme (15%).
•Detailed discussion of size, range and scope, market and role (15%).
•Critical analysis of content (10%).
•Conclusions or Summary (5%).

Sources and Quality of information (35%)
•Relevant sources of information (15%).
•Proper use of primary and secondary sources of information (15%).
•Range of information sources including academic references (5%).

Overall Flow (15%)
•Referencing protocols evident and consistent (5%).
•Professionally presented (10%).
•Academic writing style (5%)

Also, Emphasize the benefits of 2020 World Expo in Dubai and 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar, and how this two major events will benefit the region.

Use a few pictures on the cover page,
Use a few charts or tables in the paper


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