The effect of social disadvantage on general health


The structure of the essay is going to be like this:

Possible approaches
Introduction of the chosen topic
CP1 description (community placement 1)
CP2 description (community placement 2)
GP1 description (General practice 1)
GP2 description (General practice 2)
Linking the chosen topic with the descriptions
Reflection of learning experiences and future plans

• Introduction:

o introduce the topic “disadvantage ( especially low socioeconomic status and language barrier) and their impact on health and it has to have good references (I will attach some references and some presentation that I have done about disadvantages to use it and u can add more if u like)
• Essay question or thesis statement

o This is an example:

• being socially disadvantage lead to negative health outcomes
The structure of the body is as followed
o Subtopic, Community placement 1 description, Discussing experiences in light of relevant literature

o Subtopic, Community placement 2 description, Discussing experiences in light of relevant literature

o Subtopic, Community placement 3 description, Discussing experiences in light of relevant literature

o Subtopic, Community placement 4 description, Discussing experiences in light of relevant literature

MiC placements:
• General Practice placement 1

o In this section talk about how low socioeconomic status affects health

o This GP is located at Blacktown, NSW . Give a brief description about this clinic and its location> around this location many people who have low socioeconomic status and this positively correlate with poor health such as higher diabetes rate and obesity dur to not being able to afford medication and healthy food option.

o Topic to discuss is low socioeconomic status and its effect on health

• Acknowledgement of the social context of the patients and their relation to their health outcome> how low socioeconomic status and education affect on health >

• Low socioeconomic status plays important role in health. Not having access to healthy food or being able to by medications and other medical services that are not covered by the government lead to further health complication. housing
• Talk about economical disadvantage leads to health complication and give examples that you have encountered in the first GP rotation.

• some examples could be included about new immigrant specially refugee who have a language barrier and in the meantime they have low socioeconomic level. Another example, A lady with frozen shoulder who cannot stop working as night filler in a shop or decrease the work load as she is single mum and responsible for a family otherwise the employer may terminate her contract as she is a casual worker.
• Community placement 1
o This placement is Cana farm which is a charity organization which support the disadvantaged through community.
o The categories of people that cana farm help are:
-Prisoners prepare for release (transition program)
-Unemployed (work for the Dole program.)
-Mental health patients.
• This was a great opportunity for me to see the disadvantaged people and specially x-addict prisoners and how is their low socioeconomic level affects their general physical and mental health
• General Practice placement 2
• In this section talk about language barrier as one of disadvantages as a health determinant.
• The GP who I worked with is bilingual and most of his patients are Arabic speakers some of them can’t speak English which may act as a major disadvantage in approaching the health system in Australia.
• Community placement 2

o It is in Mt. Druitt community health centre, which is located in Mt. Druitt NSW. Through this placement I had a chance to be exposed to different aspects of people with chronic health disease and children and newborn health service.

o In this placement it was very obvious how socioeconomic can disadvantage children and it was obvious to me when we discussed the cases of children under foster care how they came from a low socioeconomic background. Moreover, during my home visits to newborn babies for general assessment it was an obvious different about how was the quality of care of socioeconomic disadvantaged mothers and well educated mothers with high socioeconomic level.

• Final paragraph in the body:

o Reflection of learning experiences and future plans


• 2,000-2,500 words and no more (very strict on words count)

• Language: clear, simple, academic (not emotive, not colloquial except for direct quotes)

• Proper citing and referencing

• Adequate number of references reading list

• Be careful of plagiarism

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