CSG Exploration in Australia

Quote: ‘Debate is intensifying over the extraction of coal seam gas (CSG), particularly in NSW and Queensland. Eastern Australia has very large reserves of coal seam gas in high-permeability reservoirs that can deliver gas to the well-bores faster than coal reservoirs elsewhere. The majority of that CSG is already contracted for sale to Asian customers. However, consideration should be made with regards to sustainability.’

Write a report on the above topic.
In your answer you should refer to the following:
− What is ‘fracking’?
− Why is CSG important to Australia?
− Outline the opinions of the following stakeholders – the mining industry, farmers and graziers, the local community and Environment Societies.
− Discuss the potential impacts of CSG and fracking on the environment and the community.
You will be assessed on your ability to:
− Organise and communicate your knowledge and understanding effectively;
− Respond in a logical sequence, using report format and referencing;
− Level of proficiency in English and use of appropriate geographic terminology.
• Word Count: Must be between 1000 to 1200 words.
• Use Report format (Study Smart)
• Use In-text referencing where required.
• Provide a Referencing Page. Include at least 4 different sources.
• Attach on the front a cover sheet and an assignment certification sheet and signed.

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