The economics of uncontrolled asthma in Australia

The economics of uncontrolled asthma in Australia

-evidence suggests there is a significant economic impact due to the number of people with uncontrolled asthma in Australia.
-provide evidence to support or refute this argument and compare with at least one other similar and dissimilar economic country.

-Report Format use and length. insert headings. can add tables ( but words not counted ).

-350 words for introduction.

-960 words for the part of “Ability to support argument with evidence”.
For example, say “this resulted in an increase in spending by 10% over the 2007-2010 period”, NOT “this resulted in an increase in spending”.

-1440 words for the part of “Evidence of critical analysis of sources and content”
eg strengths, weaknesses identified, recommendations made for improvements, etc.

-250 words for conclusion.

-Adequately and appropriately use at least (20) recently (starts from 2010), peer reviewed, academic, research /evidence-based journal articles

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