Event management

Event management

Individual Research Paper Guidelines

1. Length of Assessment – 2500 words (not including title page, table of contents, list of references and appendices). Please include the word count on the title page.
2. Assessment must be typed – font size 12; one and a half line spacing
3. Section headings – font size 14 or 16, use of underlining and italics permitted
4. The paper should include:

• Title Page
• Table of Contents with page numbers
• Introduction
• Literature Review
• Conclusions
• List of References / Bibliography

5. Pages should be numbered consecutively.
6. Tables and diagrams may be used.
7. The New Oxford English Dictionary should be used as a reference for all spelling
and hyphenations.
8. Students should refer to The Reference Handbook for further details regarding
referencing conventions (source: http://hospitality.dit.ie/reference.pdf)
9. The Assessment must refer to at least 5 relevant peer-reviewed journal articles
in addition to textbooks, trade publications, conference papers etc.
10. Each individual paper should be labelled clearly with student’s name, programme and group with a single staple in the top left-hand corner of the paper.


1. Discuss the implementation of corporate communication strategies, policies and practices in tourism, event or hospitality organisations.

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