The Cross before Constantine: The Early Life f a Christian Symbol by Bruce W. Longenecker Essay Dissertation Help

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Each review should include:
A. The citation information for the book at the top of the review.
B. A brief summary of the content
Include the main thesis of the book, any major objectives, and perhaps a word or two about organization and/or method.
C. Evaluation of book aspects
a. Mention of particular book features (graphics, sidebars, special charts etc) if there are any. If not, no need to mention that there aren’t any!
b. Target audience. Who is the target audience for the book and did the book’s author actually “hit” that audience level with prose level, anecdotes, technical level of content, etc.
c. Genre (how to book, educational book, academic monograph, etc).
d. Layout and formatting (if this assists or detracts from the reading experience or the text in any way. – No need to mention if not an issue with the text).
D. Mention of particular strengths/weaknesses.
E. If there are other books on the subject with which you are familiar, how does this text compare?
F. An overall statement summing up the recommendation.
a. Usually one is tactful. One doesn’t say “this is a terrible book” but suggests another title instead “This book, while interesting, doesn’t dethrone XYZ by PDQ as the standard text in the
field). Or “While this may appeal to a small audience, the aspect ABC means that those of limited budget may wish to pass by this text.” Or something similar.

Additional instructions:
PROSE STYLE – Use formal academic writing – Please do not say, for instance, “I liked this book”, but “This book has much to recommend it”. In short, keep yourself, as author, in the background.
Don’t use 1st person (I, me, we, etc) or 2nd person (you).

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