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The reading responses are meant as a journal for your reflections on the texts: as such, they may be informal or creative in their form and tone and should reflect your personal perspective. They should also display an engagement with each text that indicates your having read them and formed opinions or questions about the ideas present. Whether or not you agree with the ideas in the text, your engagement and curiosity is required. Good communication, spelling, argumentation, and grammar are expected. Full academic citations are not necessary, but acknowledgment of authors of quotes and references is.
NOTE: I’m an international student. English is my second language, please do not use tooo fancy vocabulary and grammar.

Europe in Transition

6.1 Terry Smith and Maria Lind, Stirring the Smooth Surfaces of the World, Talking Contemporary Curating

6.2 Dmitry Vilensky and Gerard Raunig, An Issue of Organization: Chto Delat? Afterall 19

6.3 Terry Smith and Zdenka Badovinac, Continuities and Ruptures…, Talking Contemporary Curating

6.4 Ginanne Brownell, Croatian Curators Make Mark by Working Together, NYT 10/16/12

6.5 Elke Bippus, Dreijahre Dining Room Project, No Art Around: On the (Im)possibility of a Restaurant as Art Practice

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