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1. How does a text challenge arguments about black intellectual and/or moral inferiority? 2. How does a text represent the issue of suffering and/or degradation and what argument is made on this
basis? 3. How does a text contrast issues of degradation with arguments about how to achieve physical, moral, and/or intellectual improvement? 4. How does a text represent sensibilities or feelings
to challenge the equation of black people with brutes or reverse the imagery to emphasize the brutality of slavery? 5. How is an African and/or heathen society contrasted with an American and/or
Christian society? 6. How does a text adapt the rhetoric of inalienable or natural rights to emphasize the lack of liberty afforded free and/or enslaved black people? 7. How is religious imagery
used to empower specific individuals or communities? 8. Compare two texts. Where do they converge or diverge in terms of purpose, audience, and/or context? What makes such convergence and
divergence significant?

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