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Directions: Complete the following using The Castle of Otranto, Mysteries of Udolpho, and two chosen modern-day “horror” films (films you feel creates a feeling of fear or terror): 1. State the title of the film or work being analyzed (the works of literature are listed for you) also both of the books are provided in the attached files. 2. Describe the setting in detail (use in-text citations when needed) 3. List any supernatural elements appearing 4. Note and explain how the plot, elements, and/or situations create intense emotions of fear or terror 5. List any curses or prophecies appearing 6. Explain the appearance of any damsels in distress, heroes, or romance—what purpose does this element serve? 7. Using the information gathered, write at least four sentences analyzing how closely the film/text aligns with the Gothic genre overall.

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