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Directions—Review the material related to the debates how history should be portrayed in the Texas state history standards and the APUSH curriculum. Your essay will use information from several sources provided in the Required and Recommended folders related to those issues in order to explain your view about the value of these debates about what history should be told and how it should be told.

? The essay should be approximately 3+ pages in length (minimum of ca.1000 words), 12-point font, double-spaced.
? The purpose of the writing assignments is to assess how well students process and convey a reasonable understanding of the material provided for the classes that addressed course topics. Use only the material that I’ve provided you in the relevant Course Documents folders; don’t use any material that I did not provide you.
? Use examples across a range of the material you reviewed to support and illustrate the points you make in the paper. Don’t rely exclusively or even predominantly on just one article, video, website, etc.
? Cite specific information that you use properly. You can use APA, MLA, or Chicago style, depending upon the format with which you’re most comfortable. If you need help citing information, schedule a visit at the ARC to go over how to cite correctly.
? Include your name, the course information, and the date submitted at the top of the first page. Also, provide a title that indicates something about the main point (not just the topic) that you make in the paper.
? Review the specific requirements for the topic as stated in boldface below and make sure you’ve attempted to address them. If you have any questions, ask me to clarify. The best way to do this is to schedule a time to meet with me to have a conversation – e-mails that essentially ask “What do you want?” don’t result in productive communication.

In the debates over the Texas state history standards and the APUSH curriculum various groups disagreed with each other about how historical events and issues should be portrayed. These disagreements involved interest groups and government bodies in addition to historians, all of whom claimed that their way of looking at the past was the best way to represent it. Write an essay explaining reasons why discussions about history that involve a broad range of interest groups and their perspectives can be considered valuable AND why they may be detrimental. Explain your own view about whether such debates are valuable or not. Use specific information from the material you were provided to help you develop your essay.



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