Why were the American Colonies able to gain independence?

Why were the American Colonies able to gain independence?

Preliminary Sources – You must turn in a tentative bibliography for your paper. Sources can be books, journal articles, interviews, documentaries, online databases, scholarly websites, etc. You need a minimum of five sources. At least three of the sources must be books or scholarly journal articles! When choosing written sources it is important to research them as well. Be sure to search for academic reviews of the sources to see what historians have to say about them. This will improve the quality of your paper. When it comes to scholarly journal articles, in most cases you will need to use an academic database located online. This is different than using an internet website because you are actually viewing the physical document, but in an online format. When it comes to citing a source in this manner you would actually cite the physical journal and not the internet address.

Some sources are unacceptable. You may not use General sources, such as Encyclopedias, Dictionaries or the Course Textbook. Wikipedia, Ask.com, About.com, Sparks.com and the like are NOT ACCEPTABLE SOURCES. Use of them in your paper is unacceptable and papers containing information from them will not be accepted.

For the preliminary sources assignment your job is to list your sources in Chicago Manual of Style format as they would be found in the bibliography of your final paper. Be sure to follow all Chicago guidelines when completing the assignments as you will be graded on use of the format.

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