Texas Government.

On November 3rd, Texans will go to the ballot boxes to cast their votes on the newest proposed constitutional amendments. Click on the following link: http://www.votetexas.gov/november-3-2015-constitutional-amendment-election-ballot-language/

Read through the proposed constitutional amendments. Then, click on the following link:


This link explains the proposed amendments in detail along with comments from supporters and opponents for each resolution. Focus on the first proposed amendment. Read the background of the resolution, then read the comments by the supporters and the opponents of the first proposed amendment.

It is highly important to understand that the largest source of revenue to fund public education-K through 12 and community colleges, e.g. WC-in Texas is from property taxes. Texas legislature for the past several sessions has cut back on public school funds, higher education funds, and teacher salaries. As it stands, Texas education is about $5.3 Billions under its normal funding budget. Texas ranks consistently among the last in the nation in funding education.

Which argument do you find more compelling? Why?

How would you vote on the other six proposed constitutional amendments on November 3rd? Why?

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