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Teen Millionaires” IA Paragraph

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Task: Suppose you have chosen to write your Informative Analysis paper on the American Dream. Your topic question is—”Is the American Dream a fabricated myth or a viable reality?” First, read the introductory paragraph in the “IA Sample Opening” handout for background on the American Dream debate. Then, use the “Source Analysis Worksheet” and the “IA Sample Opening” (handouts) to continue composing this IA paper. To write your informative analysis paragraph (minimum 500 words) for the teen millionaires, you must watch the video and record relevant information on the “Source Analysis Worksheet.” Use the notes on your worksheet to write a summary and analysis paragraph of the teen millionaires’ argument about the American Dream (Is it a myth or reality?). Remember, it is not enough to simply summarize the viewpoint of this source; you must analyze the argument and use of evidence by applying the R.O.C criteria. (Note: the first body paragraph of the “IA Sample Opening” shows you what a successful IA paragraph looks like. You do not need to write your own introduction for this lesson-based assignment, nor do you need to find additional sources. The only task that you need to complete is an analysis of the teen millionaires. This exercise is practice, as you will be doing the same summary and analysis for each source that you find for your own self-selected research questio

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