Critically discuss current application of behavioural Sus_:‘ecrt~ Psychology Essay Dissertation Help

Write an essay in response to the following: Critically discuss current application of behavioural
Sus_:‘ecrt~ Psychology
pruncrples Within a context of your chorce. Support your argument With reference to relevant research
Academc .’_ee: Bachelor
The essay requires the student to critically discuss the application Of behavioural principles to a context Of your choosing. Important points to
consider for this include, but are not limited to…
0 Addressing the question that is asked. It is very important that the essay clearly focuses on the application Of behavioural principles to the cont-
in question. One may have written What would be considered a good essay generally. but if it does not make specific reference to behavioural
principles, it will be heavily deducted.
O Exhausting all principles Of behaviour is not required. A student can focus on specific principles for the essay (e.g. positive reinforcement,
extinction), without necessarily making reference to other principles (e.g. punishment).
0 It is up to the student Whether the focus is very specific (e.g. Communication skills among children With autism) or general (e.g. Autism generally
In making this decision. students should consider a trade-off between having tOO much to cover in terms Of literature. or tOO little. The context
chosen Will be a factor in this decision.
0 Including an appropriate introduction and conclusion to the essay.
0 Ensuring that all important terms are adequately defined.
0 Discussing critically the application Of principles Of behaviour science to describe. predict and control particular behaviours Within the context.
9 This can include applications Which emerge from behavioural principles. such as PECs in terms Of building repertoires Of communication in
children With autism. or Functional Analytic Psychotherapy in relation to the Clinical context, but it has to be made very clear in the essay how suc
applications are underpinned by principles of behaviour.
0 ‘Critically’ discussing. Which requires points supported With reference to the research literature. This includes textbooks and research articles. T
journals outlined below Will point you to some well-respected peer-reviewed journals.
0 While the focus Of the essay Will be on how such principles are applied to the context in question. critical discussion is at the core Of the essay ti
This means that. as long as the focus Of the essay remains on applications Of behaviour principles. other theory can be referred to in making criti
points about the utility Of behavioural applications compared to other methods.
0 The word count. as described in the first table. is 2,500 words. Essays Will be accepted Within 10% Of either side. so essays between 2250 word
and 2750 words Will be accepted Without word count penalty.
0 Referencing should follow the APA 6th edition format. More information on this can be found through the library website.
0 Ensure that you look at the assessment criteria below for information on the grading system.
Some Relevant Journals Where behaviour literature can be found – Many other journals Will also contain relevant literature for this assessment.
Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis (JABA)
Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior (JEAB) 0“““e ‘ ‘:’?””‘l-‘3il- 5“Journal Of the Experimental Analysis Of Behavior (JEAB)

The Psychological Record (TPR)

The Behavior Analyst

Behavior and Social Issues


Journal Of Organization Behavior management – Those looking at workplace context
Journal Of Contextual Behaviour Science – Those looking at Behaviour science and theory Of complex cognition Or Acceptance and commitment

Behavioural and Brain Sciences – GOOd for Behavioural neuroscience

Behaviour research and therapy – General behaviour therapy

Research on Developmental Disability – Some ABA focused research on disability-

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