Teaching Composition: A Meta-Analysis of Effective Assessment Strategies.

follow this outline:
1. Types of Assessment
a. Formative:
i. Formative vs. Summative Assessment
ii. Self-directed learning
iii. Feedback
iv. Informal formative assessment
v. Formal formative assessment
b. Summative (pencil paper):
i. Testing formats
1. Multiple choice, true/false, etc.
ii. Reliability
c. Performance-Based:
i. What it looks like in the classroom
ii. Portfolios
d. Authentic:
i. What it looks like in the classroom
ii. Preparation/connection to real-world scenarios
iii. Scoring
e. Universal Design:
i. Format of Universal Design tests
ii. Assessing a heterogeneous group of students at the middle level
2. Expert “Testimonial”- Nancie Atwell
a. What types of assessments she uses/prefers
3. Conclusion:
a. Discuss THE MOST effective assessment strategy at the middle level

Question to explore: What is the most effective assessment strategy for teaching composition?
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