We can work on Billions spent to fix VA didn’t solve problems, made some issues worse.

http://www.cnn.com/2016/07/05/politics/veterans-administration-va/index.htmlUse the above link.Critique the quality as this article states. Money isn’t an issue. What do you think is the problem?Must address the topic.One reference, not older than 5 years. APA style Sample Solution A few people get irritated over hiccuping again and again. There are even individuals who have constant hiccuping. Truth be told, […]

We can work on Air quality in New Zealand is worse than the US because the residents in New Zealand are minority or low-income communities.

Description Comparison between the air quality in New Zealand and the US showing how the people getting the worst of the air quality are low income and minority communities. Has to show an environmental injustice and show examples of why I think these low income and minority communities are being targeted. Sample Solution As opposed […]