We can work on Effects of Covid-19 on Business Worldwide

Introduction After a century of the deadly pandemic outbreak, the Spanish Flu, another life-threatening infection, Covid-19, took over the world towards the end of 2019. Originating in China, the disease quickly spread to all continents, with the mode of transmission being fluid exchange facilitated by physical touch. Millions of people lost their lives to this […]

We can work on Law and legal institutions worldwide

In what ways does the facilitation of lawyer’s legal profession continue to impact law and legal institutions worldwide?Pick 5 articles from the sources list to create an annotated bibliography to examine the first course learningobjective: identifying connections between individuals, groups, institutions, and social structures in the field oflaw, describe how these relationships change across time […]

We can work on Touring a Worldwide Government Scientific Research Institution

It is time to pack your bags because you are headed on a “virtual” journey to a governmental research institution. You will be selecting a leading governmental research institution (you can see a list of top 25 leading governmental organizations below). The institution’s main website will be the focus of your tour. After you have […]

Anthropological perspective

Anthropological perspective Since the launching of the first satellites into orbit and the start of the Internet, the telecommunications revolution has changed how humans interact, work, entertain, and even make and maintain friendships. Can you imagine a world in which cyberspace and social media are supervised and censored by the government? How would you and […]

Write a policy memo

Write a policy memo Write a policy memo in case to solve the population structure problems (as Aging population is a worldwide phenomenon)  For example: make a policy to increase fertility encourage young immigrants… Policy memos are documents that provide policymakers with information they need to make decisions. It aims to break down complex issues […]

We can work on Developments in health worldwide in the last 50 years

Order Description Based on your research, what has been one of the most important developments in health worldwide in the last 50 years? Why? 2-3 references Assignment 2 Fundamentals of Research in Criminology and Criminal Justice The national institute of Justice would like to request proposals for the evaluation of a police department’s mandatory arrest […]