We can work on Kindred essay writing workshop

Choose a theme that appears in the novel Kindred. Review your annotations (notes), and other resource materials. Free write or construct a mind map exploring why the topic is important or intriguing and what you plan to discuss and analyze in your essay. Submit an alphanumeric outline of your ideas, including topic and sub-topics. Submit […]

We can work on Workshop Plan Part 3

Workshop Plan Part 3 Posted on May 17, 2021 Workshop Plan Part 3 Prior to beginning work on this assignment, review the Multigenerational Center Activity (Links to an external site.) interactive. Workshop ProposalIn your Summative Assignment, imagine that your supervisor at the Multigenerational Center has requested a proposal for a workshop to be presented by you at the center. […]

We can work on ECE Conference Workshop Outline

ECE Conference Workshop Outline Posted on May 5, 2021 As an experienced early childhood educator at ABC Early Learning and in your community, you have been asked to present a workshop training at a local early childhood education conference on the subject of Language and Literacy Learning. The conference has requested an outline of your proposed […]

Workshop on Groupthink

Workshop on Groupthink For this task, assume that you have been hired by an organization as a consulting I/O psychologist to assist in developing a new workgroup division. Management is concerned about getting the most effective and diverse teams in place to tackle major projects because teams, in the past, have encountered groupthink issues. Using […]

Workshop training

Workshop training Create a workshop or training that you may one day implement at your workplace. This should include a presentation or PowerPoint, handouts and/or materials to be shared with participants, an outline of your presentations and a one page reflection paper of why you chose this topic. Examples of topics include the following or […]

Global Education Workshop

Assignment 4: Global Education Workshop Part 2 Due Week 8 and worth 200 pointsIn Part 2 of the Global Education Workshop, you will finalize the components of the workshop so that you are able to create a workshop design document/research paper that structures the sequence of activities and content of your module. Select any lesson […]