We can work on Weapons Of Mass Destruction, Unit III Case Study

Instructions Impact of Toxic Industrial Chemicals/Materials (TICs/TIMs) Many forms of TICs have been used during combat operations in wars throughout the world. One of the more memorable uses of a TIC is the use of Agent Orange, a defoliant including dioxin as well as numerous other chemicals, during the Vietnam War with an impact that […]

Weapons of mass destruction

Weapons of mass destruction This assignment builds on the material you should be familiar with from your prerequisite English course. Your assignment is to prepare an annotated bibliography for your research project following the instructions below. You will use the resources you find for this assignment in the upcoming Literature Review assignment as well as […]

We can work on Discussion Topic I (Weapons of Mass Surveillance & In your face) Assignment

  Background: Using the following links, watch these 2 films from the BBC. 1 Weapons of Mass Surveillance: http://www.bbc.com/news/av/world-middle-east-40531967/weapons-of-mass-surveillance 2 In your face: http://www.bbc.com/news/av/world-asia-china-42248056/in-your-face-china-s-all-seeing-state These two examples show the advancements in surveillance in countries outside the US. Requirements: Watch both the films, analyze and answer the three given questions.  1. Is this something we should live […]

We can work on The Biological Weapons Convention

The threat of biological weapons to any given nation has been a perpetual danger since its creation in the early 20th Century. Though it has not been used in either of the world wars or in any reported event thus far, nations’ stockpiles continue to remain being a needless unconstructive deterrent by threat of use, […]