System Unit Components

This week OLI discusses the System Unit Components.  Outside of basic PC I believe there are some interesting new devices on the market today.

One device is the three-dimensional printers, which are very popular with different business purchasing them as prices drop. Industries across the spectrum see the promise of 3D Printers within their day to day business. So is the hype justified or does 3D Printers have a true benefit to industries?

Research Two of Three topics listed below and answer the following questions as they relate to 3D printers


1. Health care industry

2. Aviation Industry

3. Construction Industry


1. Are there possible business cases for 3D printing within the industry?

2. What are the advantages of 3D-Printing and what are the disadvantages?

3. Regarding cost.  Is it projected that 3D Printing could reduce time and cost within the industry?

Please make sure you research the topics and provide relevant sources in your answers.

I’m requiring at least 2 resources cited in APA format to back up your thoughts on each of the topics


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