Supply chain

Supply chain

Review the Riordan Manufacturing Virtual Organization by following the below steps:
1-Access this link
2- Username: mobin1234    password: Summer1312?
3- Click on classroom tab OPS/571 Operations Management > week 4
4- Click on Supply Chain Design Paper assignment
5- Click on Riordan Manufacturing

•    Describe how lean production principles may be used to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of the electric fan supply chain process
•    Select a business forecasting technique (qualitative or quantitative) for the electric fans and describe the forecasting process to be used at Riordan
•    Create a sales forecast for electric fans using selected techniques
•    Develop Aggregate Production Plan, Master Schedule, and Materials Requirement Plans for electric fans based off the sales forecast. Be sure to include the following:
o    The determination of inventory requirements of the electric fans component parts and finished goods
o    The selection of an appropriate inventory system (fixed order quantity, two bin method, etc.) to meet inventory requirements

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