paper 1

paper 1

During the first unit of the class, we read a number of authors putting forward a particular notion of the purpose of law. For this paper, select any three of the following works: Hay, Cover, Hobbes, Turk, Mill, or White.
Compare and contrast the answers that those three authors provide to the question of what is the purpose of law.
To do this, you should very briefly summarize the answers provided by each of the three authors you select.
1- You should then proceed to evaluate and analyze their answers, using the other works to inform your comments. For example, you might discuss what Hay would have to say about Mill’s claims or how Turk might respond to White’s argument.
2-You should demonstrate a thorough grasp of the claims presented by the authors and an ability to evaluate those arguments.
3-You should conclude with your own evaluation of which argument of the three is the most compelling, providing your reasons.

The paper should be 4-7 pages long, typed, and double-spaced. While I am primarily interested in your understanding of the arguments presented and the strength of your analysis, your grammar and writing will also be part of my evaluation of your paper. Please proof-read and edit your paper before you turn it in. Your work should be entirely your own- you should not discuss this assignment with other students. Any plagiarism will be punished, so please spare both of us the hassle! Papers are due via D2L by 10:15am on Friday, October 16th. To submit via D2L, log in and click on the Dropbox link. Select Paper 1 and then attach your completed paper in Microsoft Word or Word compatible format. Late papers will be docked a full letter grade for each day that they are late, so be sure to get your paper turned in on time. If you have technical problems with D2L, please send me an e-mail with your paper attached before the time it is due.

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