Strategic Leadership: Leadership that Impacts.


According to this topic. choose the firm: Volkswagen. The problem is the currently issues that Volkswagen ‘diesel exhaust cheat’.


Firm strategy stems from leadership, values, vision, competitive positioning and development of core capabilities and competencies. First, discuss this statement by undertaking a detailed and extensive literature review of refereed journal articles in the strategic management literature, particularly articles addressing strategic leadership. You should consider starting with the articles listed under the topic of Strategic Leadership in this Companion to the Unit Outline (p33-34). You should also utilise the University’s extensive online journal database. Please note this essay should not be written as an essay on leadership from an organisationalbehaviour perspective. A minimum of 15 refereed articles on leadership from the strategic management literature should be used (preferably, substantially more should be used).

Second, select an organisation or firm(it must be use Volkswagen) you are familiar with (other than Temple & Webster). Identify a fundamental strategic issue that you believe your organisation will face over the next five years to ten years, and drawing on your earlier synthesis of the literature you reviewed, discuss the importance of strategic leadership to successfully meet the challenges presented by the issue.

While you may choose the issue to write about, the primary criterion for selecting it should be that you believe the issue is genuinely strategic and has the potential to materially affect the success and destiny of your organisation or firm. Examples of issues that you might consider include, business strategy content, executive succession, strategic management processes, responding to technological change, a major shift in customer needs, globalisation of the industry or changing workforce capabilities.

In this assignment you are expected to demonstrate strategic leadership skills by being a problem finder as well as a problem solver. Hence you are expected to make a reasoned, well-argued prediction of the potential impact of the issue, address the ways in which it can be dealt with, identify the impact of those actions on the organisation, as well as the issue, and address the implications for leaders who choose to ignore it.

Your paper should address strategic management theories, concepts and tools that may prove useful to understanding and addressing the issue, coping with the consequences of actions and the importance of leadership to sustainable competitive advantage for above average returns within societal values.
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