Project#1- Outline

Project#1 is based on Exercise 9.32 (Page 511).  The case scenario and data are from it.  Feel free to use SPSS, SAS and/or Excel (or any other standard statistical software) for data analysis. There are three questions in that exercise.  Beyond those questions, your paper must address the following:

  1. Introduction
  2. Explain the case and issues in it in your own words. [Use not more than 250 words.]
  3. Explain the goals of the study in your own words. [Not more than 150 words.]
  4. Theory and concepts
  5. What type of study is this?Observational or experimental study?  Why? Explain.  [Not more than

150 words.]

  1. Identify the variables and explain their nature (such as qualitative or quantitative)and their

Relationships.  [Not more than 150 words.]

  1. Explain the factor/factors and factor levels, and also independent and dependent variables used in

the study. [Not more than 150 words.]

  1. What are the major assumptions in your ANOVA analysis? [As many words as necessary.]
  1. How will you test the assumptions? [As many words as necessary.]

III. Hypothesis and Critical Value

  1. State the null ad alternate hypothesis. Briefly explain the hypothesis. [Not more than 150 words.]
  2. Find FCritical. What is the meaning of it? Briefly explain how you found it. [Not more than 150 words.]
  3. Data Analysis

Using the software conduct the following analysis and explain the major findings:

  1. Generate descriptive statistics of the variables.Explain the major findings. How do they relate to the

ANOVA analysis. [Not more than 250 Words.]

  1. Generate histograms, box Plots and Q-Q Plot for the variables.Explain the major findings. How do

they relate to the ANOVA analysis? [Not more than 250 words.]

  1. Conduct the ANOVA analysis.Explain the findings.  [As many words as necessary.]
  1. What are your conclusions from the analysis? Explain.[As many words as necessary.]
  1. Comparison of Means
  2. Using the software, conduct the pairwise comparison of treatment means. Explain the procedure and

the findings.  [As many words as necessary.  [Check Section 9.4 for guidance.

  1. Decisions

As a researcher what decision will you draw from this study? Why?  Explain. [Not more than 200 words.]


Report on the Project

Write a report, following the steps given above.  The report must include a simple title page. Also, include the software printouts.

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