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Santa Fe Grill restaurant is facing a major problem in sales decline. A research was conducted to examine the factors that may have an influence
on customer satisfaction and loyalty.
Please review the survey titled “Santa Fe Survey” and the dataset file titled “Dataset” to answer the following questions. In your answer,
conduct the proper analysis, copy and paste the analysis and then comment on your answer.
Before you start your analysis, remember to test for extreme values/ outliers in your data using frequencies and descriptive analysis. If you
find an outlier, please correct it as you see fit and then continue your analysis.
1. What is the association between distance driven to the restaurant and the Ad recall?
2. Does self- confident people prefer more fresh food?
3. Does people who prefer large size portion recall seeing the ad more or less?
4. Conduct a regression analysis to test the effect of perception measures (Q14, Q15, Q16, Q18, Q20 and Q21) on customer loyalty (Q24)? In your
analysis, make sure to determine the most influential factors that affect customer satisfaction.
5. Someone argues that customer satisfaction (Q22) is higher when you are older? Test for this hypotheses and provide your conclusion

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