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Topic: Stardust

Hi, I am asking you to do this paper for me because you did my last paper and I got a high B on it. Also since you’ve done the paper and this essay is on the same novel (Stardust). This time the professor want us to reflective which is explained below in a brief paragraph. I understand were two different people and my views are different from yours but just write an essay what you think of the novel and reflect your views on this novel. I can always change it a bit myself. Thank You.

What professor wants is described in the paragraph below.

I would like to encourage you to be reflective. This means that I want to hear about how this essay made contact with your mind, your personality, and your world view. But please use a focus by which to sift through these reflections and considerations. Regardless of what you choose to write, I want this essay to be thoughtful, organized, and explorative.

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